In the beginning, God did not create Pokémon!

In the beginning, God did not create Pokémon!

Lately, “Pokémon Go” has captured the hearts (and minds) of children (and adults) around the world. In just the first 30 days since its release, the Pokémon Company has garnered approximately $250,000,000 in gross revenue.* With its first 30 days behind it, Pokémon Go is now bringing in almost $2,000,000/day, with an additional 170,000 app downloads daily (more players = more revenue).*

How does that happen? Almost 30% of players (and some businesses) have spent money on in-app purchases to either gain weapons, store “inventory,” or attract other players (companies can pay to be a Pokémon stop, hide-out, or to house rare Pokémon in an effort to attract people to their business).

As an avid i-phone game player, I don’t get the attraction of Pokémon Go – an “augmented reality game.” However, it is apparently an attraction to almost 10 million people who are active daily in the app.*

My question, or challenge to all of us then, is how do we attract this kind of following to God?

I’ve done a lot of research on Bible Apps and religious games that are available, and have never found one that is as engrossing as Pokémon Go is to the general public. You may not be an app developer, but if you can come up with an idea for a “Jesus-mon Go!” app, there are enough people out there that have the resources and expertise to support it.

It’s our job, as given by Jesus in the Great Commission to bring people to Jesus. Somehow the Pokémon Company has done it. Let’s learn from what they did, and create something for Jesus. Let’s get people out there looking for Jesus, and not Pokémon.

*Data taken from a variety of un-verified (but trusted) internet sources.  Pokémon, Pokémon Go, and The Pokémon Company are probably all registered trademarks or some other legal term of the respective owners, … and other legal jargon required…

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