The ” . . . “

god_prayerUnlike years ago when we simply picked up a phone and talked to someone, today we seem to think that texting is the way to go. And if you’re an iphone user, you know how good it feels to see the “. . .” at the bottom of your text message conversation. You’ve just sent a text, and you’re waiting on the recipient’s response.

Maybe you’ve asked an important question (what time are we ____?, or how do I get to ___?), or maybe you’ve stated something in your relationship for the first time (I love you). The anticipation can build up when waiting to hear what his or her response will be to your text.

On the other hand, if the screen just stays blank, the disappointment or discouragement can be unbearable.

Isn’t idotdotdott good to know that when we ask God for something, He just doesn’t sit idle?* In fact, I can imagine that his response may be “. . . “

He may not give a response right away, but He’s working on it.

Jesus told us “If you ask anything in My name, I will do it” (John 14:14).

That being said, there are two things that we need to highlight from that verse. First – Jesus never says “when” – this brings us back to the “…”. He doesn’t imply it will be immediate or quick, just that He WILL do it. Let’s also be clear here that God doesn’t have to wait – He’s capable NOW, but it may not be the right time for you, or another, or even the world. Everything done right must be done in God’s timing.

Secondly, and maybe more importantly is the conditional IF. ‘If you ask in His name,’ does not mean that you close your prayer with “In Jesus’ name I pray.” On the contrary, it really means IF you are asking in His WILL – is this something Jesus would want? Brings to mind: WWJD – “What Would Jesus Do?

So, next time you’re praying, or next time you’re texting, remember the “. . .” – God is working on your prayer.

dotdotdotGod is capable, willing, and ready. He’s told us to “pray without ceasing.” What are you waiting for? Pray today!

*Credit for the concept of this blog goes to the host of the His Radio Afternoon Show who is the first person I’ve heard describe God’s response to our prayers in this manner.