on the prowl….

He’s doing it! Satan is on the prowl. I’m talking about Satan’s intervention into America. Through the guise of the current election, Satan is entering into our minds to tear us apart from the inside. Think about it for a second, there a millions of Americans, and the major nominees we have to choose from are an accused criminal and a liar (oops, that actually describes both). The truth is nobody can be honestly FOR either candidate, they are both horrible nominees. And if you don’t believe that, you haven’t had your eyes open. It appears that America is already splitting due to strong opinions from both parties. Violence has already taken place and seems to be getting worse. In the end, this election will be decided by how many people vote their political views based on party affiliation. The good news is that God will ensure that through the election, all things WILL come to fruition that He (God) has planned. The real question is what will we do as a country? Will we unite, or will we allow the results of the election to tear us apart? I recall just about a year ago that our church voted on a building program. The vote was so close that Dr. Carter (and the rest of us) didn’t know what to do next. The rules state that leadership MUST follow the decision of the voters. In our case, the vote to build and renovate passed, but by such a narrow margin, how do you move forward with a drastic difference of opinions? Easily…, you help the people come together by speaking out and working it out together – NOT by saying “na-na na-na, boo-boo, we won!” In the end, our church survived the building program, and I believe we are now stronger than before. The question now is, how will we, America, respond following the results of the election? It’s YOUR decision. Pray! . . . not for your party, but for our country. For those of my Facebook friends that I may have offended by responding to your totally one-sided views on the election, I apologize. You have a right to your opinion, we all do. But I challenge ALL of us to REMOVE our political comments, and focus on the God that our country had its roots in since our founding fathers. Can you do it? And by the way, just because you found some news story on the internet about one candidate (or the other), doesn’t mean it’s true – it’s still BIASED, depending on who wrote it. Can you remove your opinion and stop trying to influence people with one-sided attacks on others?

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